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Everything Must Come to an End

Published January 15, 2019 by lynn k scott

I know I haven’t posted in quite some time.  The beginning of 2019 only brought misery, heartache and misfortune.  It’s figuratively beat me like a mob enforcer collecting on a bad debt.  I am waiving the white flag and throwing in the towel.


This blog is no longer therapeutic.  I’ll be saving my writing and once I’ve completed that this blog will be deleted.  I have deleted all Facebook and Instagram accounts too.

Taking a major step back and kicking social media to the curb.  I’m taking a step back from church (except enough my daughter to sell Girl Scout cookies as several people expressed interest).

So there you have it.  I’ve enjoyed the few years I have had here, but I find myself without strength or ambition to continue this venture further.

REBLOG: MeWe Review: Danger- Your Privacy Is at Risk- This Is a Facebook Alternative — Mostly Blogging

Published January 8, 2019 by lynn k scott

Quite a stir. That’s what the impending closure of Google+ caused. The announcement caused quite a stir twice: once when the site first initially announced it was closing due to a data breach, and then again when Google+ announced it was closing four months earlier than planned due to a second data breach. I came…

via MeWe Review: Danger- Your Privacy Is at Risk- This Is a Facebook Alternative — Mostly Blogging

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