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Kathi Cares Program

Published September 25, 2015 by lynn k scott

I am officially on my way to implementing my latest veture.  If you haven’t haven’t followed along, up until now, I had come to a decision to start a new program.  I outlined it, briefly, in “A Program is Born”.

Yesterday, I created a new Facebook page, called the Kathi Cares Program.  The goal is to become a non-profit organization within two years.  I believe that will give me sufficient time to gain a following, raise the money associated with filing as a non-profit and gain a network of support to make this a reality.

My sister was always helping people.  As a teen, she would take in her friends if they had issues staying at home.  It wasn’t uncommon for my mom to have a bunch of kids at her house that weren’t hers.  When my sister became sick with breast cancer, people came out of the woodwork to help her and my family.

A local girl scout troop dropped off meals once a week, others watched her daughters while she had treatment, friends would drive her to appointments when my mother couldn’t and then there was the support from friends.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have that type of support when they are sick.  I know the worry of making ends meet, esp. if not working because of an illness.  Government programs, while they are out there, are packaged in this brilliantly beautiful, yet strangling, red tape.

I may only be able to initially donate $100 (hopefully more) in gift cards for gas, food or buy a pre-paid Visa for household expenses, at least it will be something to put a smile on someone’s face, let them sleep a bit easier for one night or make one worry disappear, at least for a little while.  As a society, the “community” aspect is disappearing.  Growing up in a small town, I am working to bring back “being neighborly”.  It’s a shame that concept has fallen by the wayside.

As Michael Jackson once sang…

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change”

Introducing Karma

Published September 25, 2015 by lynn k scott

The lil miss was very engaged in last night’s history lesson. We were discussing the Spanish and French explorers.

We read about De Soto, who was wealthy, but wanted more riches. He had planned on conquering the Indians, even though he knew they had killed Ponce de Leon.  The book went on to say some of his men died because of fights with the Indians and others because they became ill.  Basically, he was responsible for those deaths because of his greed.

The outcome of De Soto’s exploration, was he never found gold (false stories) but he did happen upon the Mississippi River and is credited with that discovery.

The book said how he eventually became sick with fever and died. My precious daughter said, “that’s what he gets for being greedy”.  I responded, “that’s what’s known as Karma”.

I never considered that at her age. I just learned the name, discovery, date and moved on. History is going to be fun with her.

A Program is Born

Published September 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

Photo by Pixaby.

I was up most of the night, not sleeping, when I should have been.  Since my mind was running its own, unauthorized marathon and keeping me awake, might as well think about anything and everything.  During that time, I wrote about my Disappointing Evening.  I was very upset and wasn’t sure what I was going to do next.

Then an idea came to me.  A couple years ago, I pondered the idea of starting a non-profit, in honor of my sister.  I’ve discussed my new idea with a couple of close friends this morning and they are very supportive.  While a non-profit status is probably a couple of years down the road, my grassroots efforts can get started to network this idea.

As my Relay teammate mentioned, she would like to meet someone who directly has benefited from the money she and others have raised.  We read stories about where the money goes, but rarely get to meet direct recipients.  That was the perfect transition to tell her about my new venture.

I am going to privately fundraise, by selling baked goods, donated items, etc., just like I would if I participated in the Relay. The difference is, once I have completed raising funds, I would purchase some gift cards and perhaps include come cash, and give at least one local individual and/or family dealing with cancer, these items.

I too want to see who my efforts benefit.  There are so many organizations “finding a cure”.  What I remember about my sister’s cancer is the behind-the-scenes issues.  Who was going to watch her children while she was having treatment?  How was she going to afford gas to the hospital that was an hour away?  How does the electric, water, garbage get paid when the person can’t work anymore because the treatment or the cancer is taking its toll?  How can they afford groceries?

I will say, my hometown stepped up and helped my sister and my family during her fight with breast cancer.  Through my fundraising, I would stress it takes a community to fight cancer.  As a community, we have the opportunity to help and show support.

The program will be called, “The Kathi Cares Program”.  My mother taught us to help those in need.  My sister exemplified this. When we reach the non-profit stage, the name will be changed to the “The Kathi Cares Memorial Foundation”.  At this stage, we will be supporting a local individual that has cancer.  As we grow, I would like to extend this program to assist several individuals a year as well as adopting a military family for Christmas.  My sister was a huge military supporter and this would just further honor her memory.

So, out of a disappointing evening, a program was born.  In the upcoming weeks, I will create a web page to promote this new adventure. With the help of people who knew my sister and my friends, I’m confident we will be able to shed some light on the dark face of cancer and bring some joy into a few hearts.

A Disappointing Evening

Published September 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

Last night,  I attended the first committee meeting for the 2016 Relay For Life.  I had been looking forward to this.  I wanted to help more.  I was excited! 

“Was” being the operative word.

For being a new year,  some committee positions were already filled.   What?  How?  Just because someone held a position last year,  they automatically,  get reassigned?   Their names are on the paperwork already!

The city I had relayed in last year is a small farming community.   The best way I can explain it is, “Footloose”.  Yes, that dance movie, where Kevin Bacon,
with the help of a preacher’s daughter,  took on the town in the name of a dance.   I would have to do the same,  but for a walk.

I am the outsider.   I don’t live in the city, but I work there.  Last year,  there was virtually no outside public particpation.  The advertising before the Relay was minimal.  The social media exposure was practically nonexistent. 

I wanted to see growth,  community involvement and more participation.  When I raised concerns,  I received “polite” smiles,  a few snide comments and some just moved on, as if I had said nothing at all.

The coordinator for the Relay, was somewhat receptive to my observations.   Of course,  he works for the American Cancer Society,  and isn’t part of “the town”.

I left the meeting crushed and devastated.  I was so put off by their treatment,  I have changed my mind about being a team captain at that location.  Considering they only had less than 10 teams last year, they are down by one already.

I returned home and emailed the coordinator.   I laid out all my concerns and observations.   I let him know I think he is over the learning curve from last year,  as he started in January, and his comfort and knowledge-base showed.

I then informed him I would try to locate another Relay venue for my team,  join someone else’s team,  or just privately fundraise and make my own donation.

While it may seem like I am coming off “bitchy”, the Relay is extremely important to me.   I have high standards that I won’t allow to be diminished by those who would half-ass their participation. The writing is on the wall,  and I could read it clearly:  “MOVE ON”.

As my sister was, and I am, strong in our convictions,  it was the right decision for me to walk away from this particular Relay.  Perhaps this is a stepping stone to a better Relay.  Perhaps a new fundraising opportunity is waiting.   Either way,  I am sure my sister would be proud for my resolve in staying true to my beliefs and myself. 

1 Tactic That Will Help You Grow Your Following: Meet and Greet

Published September 11, 2015 by lynn k scott

Thanks for the opportunity. I love meeting new bloggers!

Dream Big, Dream Often

imagesWhat day is it??!!  Meet and Greet Day!

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Where were you……?

Published September 11, 2015 by lynn k scott

Today is September 11, 2015.  Today marks the anniversary of an historical attack on U.S. soil that took place 14 years ago. It’s a day I will never forget.; just like those who remember Pearl Harbor, the Berlin Wall crumbling, etc.

I live on the West Coast now and was living here during the attacks.  However, my home state is New York.  I remember heading to class that morning where it was discussed.  That didn’t prepare me for walking into work later that morning.  I was the only New Yorker in the office.  I shared a cubicle with a supervisor, who had her radio on and we were hanging onto every word that was aired.

No less than 30 people came up to me to check on me and my family.  I was blessed to grow up a couple hours outside of New York City.  My family was safe.  I did call my mother.  New York was a mess.  The phones were ringing off the hook.  It was hard communicating with anyone inside NY City at the time.  I received an update that my childhood best friend, her sister and her mother had moved to NY City.  My friend worked in the North Tower.  She made it out safely.  I wouldn’t know that information until hours later. I too, had to sit and wait for an update, like everyone else.

I didn’t make it work for more than hour.  The amount of people checking in on me, was making me physically ill.  Their concern was appreciated, but knowing I waiting to hear if my friend was alive or dead was just too much.  I left work in tears; I had to go home.

So, as Alan Jackson sang, “Where were you when the world stopped turning”?  Please feel free to share your memory.

I will never forget!


Adventures in Homeschooling: the 4th grade year

Published September 10, 2015 by lynn k scott

Yesterday, I stopped by to pick up my daughter from a friend’s house.  I had given her some words to look up in the dictionary. Her assignment was to find the word in the dictionary, write its page number she found it on and a quick definition.  That’s sounds fairly easy, right?  WRONG!  To a reluctant fourth grader, I just assigned her to climb Mt. Rushmore, free-hand!

Back to that in a moment.

I walk in the door and I see my daughter gathering her things.  It was then I noticed her hair.  My daughter’s hair goes down her back and is just about to touch her buttocks if it grows much more.  She often pulls it up.  Let me tell you…she got creative!


Every item she had in her pencil box was in her hair!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I’ve never seen anyone do this.  My friend hadn’t seen her do it and the expression on his face was priceless.  I told her, “don’t get in the car.  I NEED a picture of this”; knowing I just found my next blog post.

We begin home and that’s when I find out she didn’t do her dictionary terms.  Well, that became her first order of business upon arrival at the house.  I should have gotten out the climbing gear for that mole-hill that she made into a mountain.  “It’s too hard!  Who needs to learn how to use a dictionary anyway?”  SLAM!  That would be the dictionary.


“Ok, put it down, for now.  I’ll have you work on something else”.

“Mom, we need to talk.”  That’s really code for….I’m not happy and I’m about to tell you why.

“Ok, let’s talk.  What’s on your mind?”

“Mom.  You should just accept the fact I’m going to be a failure.  I’m ok with it.  I’ll live a life of crime.  I’ll go to prison, get released, steal something and go back to prison.  That will be my life.”

Ah, my over-dramatic daughter.  Have I expressed how fun nine year-olds can be?

I assured her that wouldn’t be the case.  She wasn’t cut out for prison.  I then offered to switch her to a language program to work on reading and comprehension.  Oh, that went over like a lead balloon.  But guess what, she did it anyway.

My princess settled in and started the computer work.  She didn’t do half bad.  I sat with her while she read aloud.  She stopped during her reading, looked at me and said, “I’m sorry for my behavior.  You know, girls and puberty, right?”

Heaven help me!  I bit my lip to stifle a laugh, as she was dead serious.  I agreed she was hormonal or something and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch.

My husband wanted a little girl.  I warned him that boys were A LOT easier.  He really didn’t know what he was asking for, as this is his first child.  There’s a reason they say to be careful what you wish for.  This child is going to give both of us a run for our money.  I only hope she gets a well-paying acting job because she’s got talent for drama!

My little treat….Chai

Published September 5, 2015 by lynn k scott

I spent half of my adult life working formal catering gigs.  I have worked very large events (2,000+ people) to small, intimate dinner parties.  After awhile, I went “freelance” and found my own clients, who faithfully called me for all of their dinner party needs.

One family was from India.  They ranked up there as one of my favorite clients.  They had a beautiful home, a great kitchen (I’m a kitchen geek) and they taught me how to make some wonderful, authentic Indian dishes.  There are several that I love, but my heart belongs with a hot cup of chai.

I admit it, before working for this family, I would purchase Oregon chai in the box, add some milk and call it a day.  How could I have ever known the difference?  One night, while working a dinner party for this family, the wife showed me how to make chai for the guests.  Now she used the microwave to heat the milk, I prefer to use the stove.  Either way works, it’s just your preference really.


I have to say, I used to use 1% milk in the past, but these days, I’m working on limiting my cow’s milk intake for health reasons.  However, my chosen substitute of Almond/Coconut milk has yielded very nice results.

Simply take your cardamom seeds (about 5-6) and a cinnamon stick and place into the mortar and pestle.  If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can put the seeds and cinnamon stick in a plastic baggie and roll a rolling pin over it.  You just want to open the seeds up a bit and break the cinnamon stick into smaller bits.

Next, warm your milk and add the cardamom seeds and cinnamon stick and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Add hot water to the tea bag and steep until desired color.  Mix half a cup of tea and half a cup of the milk (after straining).  Enjoy!

I drink tea every so often, but chai, by far, wins (and warms) my heart.

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